A Bulldog commercial coating will protect and enhance your storefront. You will have a unique, custom floor finish that could even have your logo encapsulated in it to complete your brand! Our coatings are designed to protect and provide you with a unique and professional floor that is clean, safe, and durable.

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Improve the aesthetic appeal of your showroom with a commercial coating. The coating will ensure your showroom looks clean and inviting while providing protection, durability, and safety with a customized unique look! Create a lasting impression on your customers, and standout from your competition with a commercial coating.

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We will provide you with a U.S.D.A. approved floor coating for your kitchen. Along with the coating, we have the ability to seamlessly cove up the wall to keep compliant with health code. Our seamless coatings mean that you won’t have grout to stain or trap debris. You will be provided with an antimicrobial floor that is easy to clean, durable, and safe for your staff.

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Dining Areas

Our commercial coatings will provide you with a unique, customized dining area floor that will withstand restaurant operations. The U.S.D.A. approved coating with superior scratch, stain, and impact resistance your floor will retain its beauty that reflects your restaurant’s brand!

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Additional Applications

Public Parks

A commercial Bulldog coating is a great solution for a Public Park Building to prolong its life. Our coatings will protect the concrete from the elements that it is exposed to year round in Minnesota. Enhance the look of the park building while protecting and prolonging the life of the concrete and providing a clean, safe environment for the community!

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Dog Kennels

Bulldog Commercial Coatings are paw-friendly! Our coatings are antimicrobial and slip-resistant to maintain a safe environment for your pets. They also will not absorb any stains or odors. We will provide you with a functional, and luxurious-feeling coating that will make both pets and humans happy in a boarding facility.

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Renovated Buildings

Floor renovations can be an effective way to improve the look and feel of any space. There are many different types of coatings and concrete polishing techniques available, each with their own advantages. Easy to clean, low maintenance, and durable finishes are all important considerations when selecting a floor renovation option. Furthermore, cost-effectiveness plays an important role when determining the most economical approach for your project.

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Why Chose Bulldog Coatings?

Our Team

Get the job done right the first time with Bulldog Coatings! Our team of factory-trained and certified professionals have experience in concrete and coatings, giving you the peace of mind that your project is in good hands. We continue to stay up to date on new products and techniques by belonging to associations and taking part in ongoing training. This ensures we can complete projects safely, efficiently and to a high standard. With us, you don't have to worry about subcontractors – our dedicated team will get it done fast, professionally and with no hassle.


At Bulldog Coatings, we use a wide variety of state of the art equipment for concrete surface preparation. We have a variety of different concrete grinders and shot blasters so that one size doesn't fit all. Depending on the application and surface condition, we may use multiple equipment types to achieve the best results for your project. It is important to understand that every slab of concrete is different, as well as the needed preparation method. With a variety of different concrete surface preparation tools at our disposal, you can be sure we have the right solution for your job.


At Bulldog Coatings, we understand the importance of using high quality materials for our concrete coatings. We pride ourselves on sourcing only the best 100% solids products on the market so that our customers can have peace of mind that their coating will last and look great for years to come. We have carefully selected a range of materials that are designed to provide superior performance and durability while also looking great. Our team of experts is always on hand to help you choose the appropriate material for your project so you can be sure you are getting the best possible result.

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